What is the most effective strain for insomnia without getting the munchies

"most effective canabis for insomnia "

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Because THC is the cannabinoid most responsible for both sedation, and increasing appetite, finding a strain for insomnia, that won’t cause as much of the munchies, isn’t easy.

CBD should help those with insomnia without inducing the munchies; however, the effects would be much less pronounced when compared to THC. CBD won’t actually make you sleepy; however, it does promote relaxation and decreased anxiety levels.

I recommend CBD strains with a balanced ratio of between 3CBD:1THC and 1CBD:1THC.
My two favorite strains to help promote sleep with less appetite stimulation are:
Stephen Hawking Kush – a 3:2 Indica CBD strain
Sweet and Sour Widow, a 1:1 Indica CBD strain.

Sedating and balanced CBD strains with a higher content of THCV would be the best solution (THCV is a phytocannabinoid that decreases appetite.) However, THCV strains tend to provide a stimulating, clear headed, and energetic high. THCV strains would be a great choice for daytime use.

For more info on THCV:

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