What is the best cannabis and dosage for insomnia & anxiety?

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Well this is a tricky question because it is dependent on many things, including what works best for your individual body and mind. For instance, some people do well on very high levels of THC for sleeping, where others, it can keep them awake. The same goes for CBD. I allows suggest to people when they ask me, to go low and slow with any dosage so you don’t end up wide awake or MORE wide awake.

In general, edibles are a great way to take cannabis for sleep because once they kick in they last for 4-6 hours. Many people too dop not like the idea of vaping or smoking right before bed.

Tinctures are also popular these days and I have found they kick in rather quickly for me.


In terms of anxiety, most people seem to respond well to high levels of CBD and or flower that has more of a balanced ratio of CBD to THC. The article below contains some information on CBD and its effect on anxiety.


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