I took cannabis to help me sleep, but instead it kept me up! Why would that happen?

"The doctor recommended I use 1 teaspoon of 2:1 or 1:1 CBD to THC tincture for sleep, but it made me hyper, and I couldn’t sleep."

Hi, perhaps the dose you took was too high? You can try 1/2 tsp and go into your dispensary and discuss the effects with a pharmacist. I am quoting from @eeknight which may help from our "Insomnia" discussion board:

"Most people do not find CBD helpful for sleep. Most high CBD strains are sativa strains which tends to stimulate and uplift rather than relax. High CBD is great for daytime but for night time, I would suggest a High THC tincture, but use a low dose. With a low dose you get the benefit of body relaxation without the "high". With tinctures you can control the dose very easily. Most of our tinctures use Indica strains which are body relaxing and perfect for sleep. I find for myself THC tinctures help me sleep deeper and longer throughout the night."


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