I'm looking for a good 10:1 CBD / THC tincture - any recommendations?

"I live in Maryland and I'm trying to buy 10:1 tincture (or 15:1, 20:1, something in that range) for my son's epilepsy. I am checking all the dispensaries in the state and I can't find one that carries tinctures like this. Any ideas?"

If you have the name of a specific product you may be able to look on the manufacturer's website to see where they deliver or you could contact a local delivery service to see if they have seen the product you are seeking. I like Jayden's Juice a high CBD tincture in mct oil and it is 28:1 but only 1 local dispensary carries it and I was able to find that information on their website. Good luck in your search for the perfect medication.

Dr Olson