What is good for sleep and muscle spasms?

by HelloMD

What is good for sleep and muscle spasms?


Answer - Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis

Think...THC affects sleep and CBD helps relax muscles. I would recommend a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 for the "strongest" sleep effects and a "high" CBD product such as CBD:THC in a ratio of 20:1 or 28:1 for the "strongest" muscle relaxant effects.

Answer - President of IMPACT Network. Neuroscientist & Author of Vitamin Weed.

CBD:THC ratio of 2:1 sublingual candies works for me and many other patients with spasms. CBD alone does not stop them, nor does THC alone for me.

Answer - Director of Marketing and Design - SAVA www.getsava.com

If you're having muscle spasms I'd suggest experimenting with topicals. A hot bath with cannabis infused epsom salt, massage with a cannabis topical oil, and some light stretching before bed should help your muscles relax deeply before sleep so you can stay comfortable through the night.

Another thing to try is a light THC tincture, a few drops taken under your tongue before bed will help you stay relaxed through the night.

Answer - Uber Horticulturist @ Green Door West

We sell a great tincture that is designed specifically to aid with sleep: Forest Nymph Sweet Dreams Tincture. It is a high CBD tincture with just a dash of THC to help fully relax your body and mind.