What are the benefits of vaping?

by HelloMD

Instead of smoking their marijuana?


Answer - Im a quadriplegic

There are many health benefits of vaping over smoking marijuana. #1- smoking marijuana does damage to your lungs from the smoke this is eliminated when you vape. #2- you are getting specific compounds when you vape opposed to smoking you get all the unnecessary compounds. #3- you get a consistent dose when you vape instead of being unpredictable when smoking.

Answer - sofi

The main benefit of vaping is its health friendliness. When you smoke the plant gets burnt and you inhale the combustion which is bad for your lungs. In the case of vaping the plant is being heat up and what goes in your lungs is the vapor not the smoke, hence the name-vaporizers. https://www.gotvape.com/vaporizer-blog/vaping-vs-smoking/

Answer - Health Outcomes Analyst with an interest in cannabis-infused health and wellness

This video answer hits the nail on the head! There are a lot of medical reasons to vape, especially over smoking flower. We rank our "Totem Pole of Consumption Methods" here: https://sessionscc.com/ranking-cannabis-consumption-methods/

I prefer vaping to any other method now that I've honed in on my strains and dosing but like all things health and wellness, its how your body responds to each variable.