Staying Sane and Entertained with Cannabis During Shelter-in-Place

by HelloMD Staff

For many of us, COVID has brought life to a screeching halt. No more communal smoke seshes, much less busy days at the office. Staring at the same walls day after day can be mind-numbing, even for the die-hard introvert. There are only so many walks around the neighborhood with the dog or reruns of Adventure Time before boredom occurs. Let's face it, after the initial relaxation wears off; isolation can result in a special kind of madness.

Fortunately, we can stay connected through a combination of "quarantine buddies", marathon Zoom meetups, and cannabis-oriented apps like Daily Bonfire. On DB (available on IOS and Android), weed-loving community members compete for cash and prizes with entertaining and informative DIY videos. Every week new competitions are announced, like creating the "Best Product & Brand" video, where one lucky winner gets $1000. 

Below are some of the recent competitions hosted by Daily Bonfire.

Most Amazing Accessory

What's your favorite cannabis accessory?

What's your favorite canna-accessory? Is it a Puffco Dab Pen, a magnetic rolling tray , or maybe a simple but nifty grinder. Record your video highlighting your most beloved accessory and compete for an Amazon gift card.

Canna Fitness

How do you consume marijuana to enhance your fitness routine? Do you use it before, during, or after your yoga, jiujitsu, or aerial routine? Tell us and compete for a Nike gift card.

Roll the Fattest Joint with Mr. THC

The infamous Mr. THC challenges you to roll the largest doobie you possibly can! Display your rolling technique and how you fit all of that good tree in those papers, backwoods, or whatever you're rolling it with. Creativity and entertainment are highly encouraged and may result in a $500 payout.

Check into Daily Bonfire on the app or website and see the upcoming challenges and competitions. Be a part of DB's growing cannabis community, and you may even be a winner!