CBD rich tincture

"Hi I’m looking for a strain that will not make me anxious or paranoid. A CBD rich ticture high ratio CBD to THC. " Strains

what strain is used for this product?

Care By Design’s tinctures use cannabis distillate, which does not carry any of the properties of the strains used to create it – just the

Headache from full plant extract?

"Alcohol extract from stored, two-year old vaccuum packed sativa strain cannabis gives me a headache. Amount taken is about half the size of a BB,

What strain is the Bliss pen?

" " Bliss by Dosist ™ is formulated with a 9:1 THC-to-CBD ratio. Please note that Dosist™ puts the THC ratio first so this is

Leg cramps

"Hello, I get leg cramps while sleeping and with exercise. I have some back issues that are controlled with accupressure (pain gone) I don’t know

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