Edibles and Tincture Nausea

“I have used edibles before and have had pleasurable experiences with 10mg. Lately I have had the worst nausea later in the day from using

THC for multiple sclerosis?

"my mom was diagnosed with ms 17 years ago, she has 80% damage to both of her legs and has been taking pills to relief

Accurate Dosing with CBD & THC

Creating a Desired Outcome For years we’ve been conditioned to buy health and wellness products based on a desired outcome. We know ahead of time

Bone Cancer- Multiple Myeloma

"My mother in law has multiple myeloma and is starting a new treatment that will make her sick, nausea & vomiting. I heard that I

How do I get started with cannabis?

"I am new to medical marijuana, am undergoing "aggressive chemo" for breast cancer and want some help with nausea, pain and sleeping. " This is

Adverse reaction to Hash

"Last night I had an adverse reaction to Hash and had to go to the hospital. Nearly immediately after smoking a bowl of shake with

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