Legalization in 2018…

"Any thoughts on how legalization will impact medical patients?" Hello, and thank you for the great question. When first contemplating legalization of recreational marijuana, I

Marijuana Legalization is Going Global

Progressive Policies Taking Hold In the past few years we have seen progressively more legislation in the United States that is swinging in support of

Marijuana Legalization is in Jeopardy

Sessions: The New Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was recently recommended for the position of Attorney General under president elect Trump, could be the worst

Have We Come Too Far Too Soon?

I have never been a fan of states getting too far ahead of the federal government on drug policy. Yes, I want to push the

An Open Letter to Jeff Sessions

Dear Senator Sessions, Congratulations on your nomination for Attorney General. As the nations’ most senior law enforcement official, you have a big job ahead of

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