Firefly Vapor

Metal Fume Testing

"Has the Firefly 2 been tested for metal fumes when the chamber is heated? Specifically fumes from the internal parts that are close to the

Upgrades to firmware and app

"I have heard that the App and firmware on the firefly 2 will be upgraded in the future. What upgrades would everyone like to see?

Europe release of the Firefly 2

"When will the firefly 2 be released in Europe? I brought the firefly 2 on preorder from a reseller. Initially they said it would be

battery life

"question: will I get a longer session before the battery dies with the firefly 2 in comparison with the firefly 1? Ive already switched to

question about vaping and asthma

"I have a Firefly that I purchased last year. I only use it with cannibis; never concentrates. On occasion, if I’ve used it a lot,

Why Use Firefly Over Vape Cartridges

It’s a different delivery method and a matter of personal preference. The Firefly is a convection vaporizer that works with shredded flower or concentrates. Vaporizer

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