What type of relief can a person get for degenerative disease of the joints?

Hello, Please have a look at a couple of answers given by 2 HelloMD’s experts–our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Perry Solomon:
https://hellomd.com/questions-and-answers/how-can-cannabis-oil-creams-help-with-medicine-caused-joint-pain who discusses the use of cannabis topicals for joint pain as well as Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis who goes over tinctures that may help: https://hellomd.com/questions-and-answers/what-dosage-of-thca-and-cbda-should-i-take-for-degenerative-joint-disease. As well, we have an article by one of our brand partners, Sweet Releaf, going over the various treatments for arthritis, including cannabis topicals: https://www.hellomd.com/articles/cannabis-soothes-arthritis-pain. Hope these help!


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