What type of marijuana product could I use to deal with spinal stenosis?

I would focus on decreasing inflammation. Try a topical rub/ointment/spray directly on the joints. I would also suggest an oil based high CBD whole plant tincture taken sublingually. The cannabis may actually help with your Barretts esophagus as well. I would also include turmeric and ginger, which contain potent anti-inflammatories.


Medical Cannabis helps patients of spinal cord diseases manage their symptoms such as numbness, muscle weakness, and impaired bowel control. Studies have shown that medical cannabis can improve pain, sleeping problems, bladder control, spasticity, muscle twitching and depression commonly associated with spinal cord diseases

We recommend you try our CBD products(https://greendoorwest.com/collections/tinctures-topicals/cbd), that have been proven of being a great help for spinal stenosis pain and fractures therapy. (read our latest blog https://greendoorwest.com/blogs/news/non-psychotropic-compound-in-marijuana-for-fractures-therapy)


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