What strain is best for tremors?

"My wife has been approved for medical marijuana. She suffers from tremors which have been diagnosed as medication-induced Parkinson's symptoms and anxiety. She has tried several strains some of which reduce the shaking somewhat but:

There was one strain that she was given a sample of that almost eliminated the tremors completely with only one use. Unfortunately we have not been able to identify that strain. Any suggestions? "

Hi there. I wanted to send you a link to one of our Q&A articles where one of our doctors lists a few specific strains that people seem to say help with tremors/Parkinsons' symptoms. Hopefully this is a good place for you to start.

Here's another link to a few Q&As on tremors, too. https://www.hellomd.com/search?type=all&term=tremors

If you search Parkinson's here on the site you'll find many more articles on the subject, hopefully there's some more useful information for you and your wife. Good luck!