What ratio of THC/CBD is best for pancreatic cancer?

Using cannabis as a treatment for cancer is still very much a matter of folk medicine, which just means there is no clinical science to look to in answering questions like yours. There are lots of anecdotal reports of cannabis use as a cancer treatment, and its lack of toxicity has lead people to create and use various regimens, Rick Simpson Oil being one of the most well known. I recommend conventional medical treatment be pursued whatever cannabis regimen is employed. If you are asking about cannabis helping with the various symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer such as pain or loss of appetite, I would suggest beginning with 1:1 CBD:THC preparations, and if insufficient symptom relief is obtained at significant doses I would vary that ratio with more THC but maintaining a CBD level of at least 20-25%. Whole plant preparations may contribute additional significant benefits via the well known "entourage effect," so I would suggest investigating these as well.


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