What is the dosage of CBD oil for 30lbs toddler?

With a rare exception, there is no scientific dosing schedule for CBD for any condition at any weight. Because CBD is not psychoactive and is tolerated so well by the human physiology there are few, if any, reports of toxicity. Patients commonly take anywhere from below 0.5mg/kg/day up to 10mg/kg/day or sometimes more, but there is little or no science behind claiming a best dose for any condition. There are some particular conditions in children which have appeared to benefit from cannabis treatment, including a rare type of childhood seizures for which there is now a CBD containing prescription medicine whose dose is 5mg/kg/day. If the child in question has such a diagnosis then obviously there are lots of other issues that need to be part of any plan to use medicinal cannabis. It is also important to keep in mind that many agents that are considered harmless to fully developed organisms can nevertheless have undesirable effects on organisms that are still rapidly developing, and this issue has yet to be well studied for CBD in humans. This is a reason not to give CBD, or any ‘treatment,’ to young children without serious consideration of the risks and benefits.


Hello there! Just curious: what medical issues in the toddler are you trying to address with the CBD oil?


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