What is the best strain for fibromyalgia pain, insomnia and arthritis?

While there is no single "best" strain to help alleviate those problems, for daytime use, I’d likely recommend a high CBD sativa or sativa dominant hybrid strain, such as Harlequin or Treasure Island.

For night time relief, I’d likey recommend heavy indica or indica dominant hybrid strains; Granddaddy Purple, Skywalker or God’s Gift, would likely be good choices.

If you are looking to avoid higher THC content, a very high CBD strain, such as ACDC would be a good choice. However, please keep in mind that THC is what’s mostly responsible for providing fibromyalgia pain relief, as well as for inducing sleep.


I’ve noticed many questions these days having to do with which “strain” to use for which condition. I’d like to caution that applying a pharmaceutical model to cannabis can only be taken so far without outrunning the actual science at this point. To take Dr. Kim’s first observation even further, the individual response to cannabis is so highly variable that there is no way to avoid some judicious experimenting to find what is most helpful for a specific individual with a specific condition. Although the relative %s of THC and CBD are on the label, two different varieties with the same CBD and THC %s may have quite different effects. And the more we learn about the variability of people’s genetically determined metabolism of cannabis the more understandable it is that some people experience greater or lesser or even different effects with the same cannabis. The “Sativa” vs. “Indica” designation has become associated with energizing vs. relaxing effects rather than the original botanical meaning, and with all the hybridization that has been done at this point most “strains” of cannabis are usually Sativa or Indica “dominant” and not just one or the other. Making a list of which types to try is still primarily a question of paying attention to the CBD:THC ratio and trying things on reputation (such as “indica dominant” strains to help relaxation and sleep) or related to what has been known to be helpful in the past. For now that is still pretty much all we have to go on.


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