What is the best cannabis product for chronic pain?

"Best" comes down to method of ingestion – for chronic pain, preferably a tincture or edible for their long-lasting, global effects. You can read more about using cannabis to treat chronic pain here: https://hellomd.com/articles/how-cannabis-helps-reduce-chronic-pain

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Unfortunately, there is no best cannabis product for any condition. Everybody’s situation is a bit different: pain level; tolerance to pain; tolerance to THC; amenability to psychoactive effects; and type of pain are some of the factors to consider when formulating a treatment plan. However, I can provide you with a rough guideline, along with product recommendations.

For "conventional" (nociceptive) pain issues, such as¬†arthritis, sprains, strains, dislocations, bone fractures, and myofacial pain — in other words, inflammatory pain — I most often recommend a high CBD vs THC edible, spray or tincture, such as the 18:1 formulations offered by Care By Design. I have no affiliation with them; however, I like that they: use the whole plant when making their products, rather than isolating only THC and CBD; offer a variety of ratios; offer all routes of administration, other than combustion; clearly label their products in mgs of THC and CBD per dose; and are relatively easy to find.
Products to consider:
If the pain is localized, you can also try a topical cream. I recommend the creams with THC rather than the pure CBD creams. THC containing topical creams will not cause any psychoactivity.


Some very high CBD strains to consider for inflammatory pain:
ACDC – a 20:1 sativa strain
Ringo’s Gift – a 25:1 hybrid strain
Charlotte’s Web – a 30:1 sativa strains

For non-inflammatory pain issues, such as neuropathic pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and psychogenic pain, I tend to recommend — if amenable to the patient — products and strains with higher levels of THC, such as

  1. https://www.cbd.org/products/chocolates/1-1-chocolate – a "whole plant" 2:1 edible
  2. http://dosist.com/pen-relief/ – a 1:2 vaporizer pen
  3. http://kivaconfections.com/products/bars/ginger – a 1:1 "whole plant" edible
  4. http://truefarma.com/product/sweet-releaf-extra-strength-2oz/ – a THC and THCA topical cream.

Some CBD strains to consider:
Harlequin – a 5:2 sativa strain
Sweet and Sour Widow – a 1:1 indica strain
Pennywise – a 1:1 indica strain
Cannatonic – a 3:1 hybrid strain

Hope this helps!


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