What is linalool and is it something I should look for in the cannabis that I buy?

Linalool is the terpene that’s responsible for having the fragrant lavender and rose scent. It has lots of medical benefits such as alleviating insomnia, reduces anxiety, and has anti-seizure properties. Linalool is also a powerful analgesic, “it works with cannabinoid compounds, particularly CBD, to modulate pain signals in the brain and reduce the body’s stress responses when pain occurs.” (See article below)

Linalool can be very beneficial for someone that suffers from anxiety, insomnia, seizures, along with many other illnesses. While not all dispensaries/delivery services display the full testing details of their flower inventory, there are some that will show lab results that include terpenes. But, if your local dispensary/delivery services does not do that, you will want to look in to strains that have a lavender or rose like aroma. That’s an indication that linalool may be present for that particular strain. 

For more information on linalool, check out this awesome article by @jeanmckinney: https://hellomd.com/articles/know-your-cannabis-terpenes-linalool