What Happens When You Mix Weed And Alcohol!

"Behind Cigarettes, Alcohol and Marijuana are the most commonly used drugs in North America. Because of this, it only makes sense for the two to be used in combination by a large number of our population. Some people enjoy the ‘crossfading’ effect mixing alcohol and cannabis gives them as it can create an enhanced experience. To others, the effects can be adverse making them feel dizzy or nauseous. So what really happens to the body and mind when you mix the two? "

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Like most everything in life, moderation is key. It is true that some enjoy ‘crossfading’, while others become dizzy or nauseous. However, the variation of experiences between one person to the next has much more to do with their tolerance to alcohol and THC, than it does to genetic variance.

If you’ve been around cannabis long enough, you’ve probably witnessed (or experienced yourself) a THC overdose , otherwise knows as "greening out".  Most of the symptoms of a ‘crossfading’ gone wrong episode are shared with a ‘green out’, such as paranoia, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, disorientation, and even a lack of mobility.

Mixing alcohol with cannabis greatly increases the chances of experiencing a ‘green out’, because the alcohol actually increases blood THC levels.  So, as mentioned, whether or not a person experiences elevated euphoria vs a ‘green-out’,  has more to do with how much alcohol and cannabis is consumed, than it does the individual.

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