Upper cervical nerve / back pain. What is recommended?

The best cannabis treatment for neck and back pain from nerve inflammation would be topical cannabis salve applied along the spine, frequently at first because it will block the nerve pain but in a tie for first place I also include posture. Your body can't call you on the phone to scream at you, "Stop pinching the nerves!" So it screams that you internally but most people cover up the screaming with drugs and that's when damage occurs. Learn to listen to your body and lift your spine up. It takes practice to learn to lift your spine and to build the strength in the supporting muscles so I advised yoga to learn body awareness and posture with core strengthening. Medications can give you relief but please don't just treat the pain and not correct the posture. Adequate water intake and vitamin D3 are also necessary to keep the spine healthy. Vaporizing hi CBD is very effective in relieving pain, also.