Tapering off Klonopin, using Hemp CBD

"Hi there,

My current psychiatrist is uncomfortable with giving me a yes or no answer when it comes to me utilizing CBD while doing a supervised taper off of .5mg/day Klonopin. I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, chest pains, nausea), and have used CBD in the past. I am a California resident. I chose to vape CBD Hemp oil and am wondering if this is safe and/or smart to do. I’ve read numerous confusing accounts of how benzos and CBD are metabolized by the liver the same way/by the same enzyme, therefore its not smart to use...others say the opposite. @ @ I wanted to ask a Doctor what is most wise. Just looking to make my be zo withdrawal more successful and less excrutiating.

Many thanks.


Hi there! You've made a great choice! And there is no need for concern. While CBD and clonazepam are metabolized via the same enzymatic pathway, it would take an exorbitant abount of CBD to appreciably alter the serum levels of clonazepam. Hope this helps!