"I take rizatriptan sometimes for migraines. Could this conflict with cannabis use? I want to try a dose pen for anxiety and possibly alternate to migraine pill."

There is no clinical evidence of negative interactions between cannabis and any of the triptans, which are commonly prescribed for migraine. It's always a good idea to be cautious about combining multiple substances that are biologically active, but I would not expect any problem in this situation.


I also experience migraines especially if I have any MSG (it is hidden in your foods, it is highly addictive and MSG is a neurotoxin) so typically I will wake up with a migraine after an exposure. I will drink a large glass of water in case I am dehydrated & drink a mug of black coffee, apply a 1:1 cream to my neck and vaporize Jack Herer and the migraine is typically gone in about 20 minutes but that is dependent on the amount of MSG ingested. If my migraine has not resolved in 1 hr I will take 1/3 of an Imitrex and the rest of the migraine disappears and I have never had side effects with the triptan. You may be interested in where MSG is hidden in your foods: truthinlabeling.org and unblindmymind.org for more information.