Recommendations for anxiety :)

"Hello all. I’m currently taking flufluoxetine and Aurora CBD oil for my anxiety and depression. I’m wondering if there is a recommendation that works best for anxiety. Thank you. "

CBD only or CBD with low THC strains is a great starting point. START LOW and GO SLOW, I advise patients to start with a low dose of CBD oil (0.5ml) twice per day and to increase every 5 or so days until they notice a reduction in symptoms. Every patient responds differently to cannabis, so by titrating dose slowly you will identify the point where your body and symptoms respond to cannabis. I advise to try with CBD only and if no symptom relief is obtained to add low levels of THC to CBD. Remember to trial new strains of cannabis during times of low responsibility (avoid driving, being responsible for others, work) to assess effect on cognition.

Wendy NP

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