Is there a topical CBD that can help my neuropathy?

Hello there, I'd like to state that i'm not a Dr, I own a cannabis delivery service in Marin County.

CBD products that are topical // SIVA patch - CBD time released (6-8 hours): http://www.sivapatch.com/

Aunt Zelda's topical for spot treatment (put it on where it hurts) https://auntzeldas.org/

This is not a topical but could be very helpful for you -

CBD tincture 11:1 ratio: https://www.thefarmaceuticalscompany.com/

I hope you found this helpful! - Nurit w/ ONA


Hello, I would recommend you try a high CBD topical formulation such as a cream or salve and apply that directly on the knee every 2-3 hours or as needed for pain. CBD is helpful for neuropathic type pain and is generally non-psychoactive when used topically. Good luck!