If I want to consume marijuana in its leafy form without smoking it, what are my options?

"My lungs and throat have been very sensitive lately, making it hard to smoke without a wicked cough. What other options exist to consume cannibus in its leafy form ? "

Have you tried the vape-pens or vaporizers? These devices decarboxylate the leafy cannabis material but without the combustion and production of carbon monoxide and other noxious chemicals leading to your pharyngitis/ sore throat. However, if you want to give your lungs a break, there are ways to consume the leafy portion of the cannabis raw (esp. to unlock THCA, a cannabinoid that is receiving more attention for anti-inflammatory properties among other properties). I also know that there are teas that you steep using the raw cannabis material (trichomes, etc). I hope these tips prove useful and if you find other products that worked, please let us know!


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