I was wondering whether Rick Simpson oil actually cures cancer?

"Is this for real?"

Rick Simpson oil, or RSO, is a concentrated cannabis oil that creator Rick Simpson claims to have used to heal basal cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer, After he put it directly on the lesions for several days, the story goes that they disappeared. But there hasn’t been research on whether it can help other kinds of cancers. There has been a considerable amount of research showing that cannabinoids can boost the immune system response to tumor cells and shrink some kinds of tumors, and many cancer patients have said that cannabis helps their symptoms, but RSO can’t be considered a "cure" for cancer.


There have been no studies or documentation anywhere that shows that any type of cannabis cures cancer in people. Any study that has been done has occured in laboratories and isolated tumor cells. There are may anecdotes from people that claim that they have used this or another type of cannabis product and they were "cured". These claims may or may not be based on taking a cannabis product, but they are just words on a screen. I would not stop using any therapy that has been recommended by my physician to treat my cancer and begin cannabis instead. That being said, there most likely no harm in using cannabis along with that medication and to let your physician know that you are doing this. Cannabis can also help with side effects of some chemotherapy treatements.

Perry Solomon, MD

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