I want to travel can I take some cannabis with me?

Hi there! It will depend on what kind of cannabis you are taking, and where/how you are traveling.

CBD is legal, so you can take that anywhere.

However, THC is federally illegal, and so your options for traveling with it are limited. For example, if you are driving from Northern California to Southern California, that is ok. If you’re going from California to another state, that is illegal because you are transporting it across state lines.

If you are flying from somewhere in CA to somewhere else in CA, you may be ok. Some airports have stated that they will not confiscate it, but that is not a guarantee.

Check out these pages below. We have a lot of great answers to this question, as well as a video.

Traveling with Medical Marijuana

I use cannabis to help me sleep. Can I legally fly or travel with it?

I hope this information helps, and safe travels to you!


There was recently a TSA news hiccup about it – please check out the following link which clearly states that any TSA-regulated flight does NOT allow for medical cannabis (which could include both inter-state and intra-state flights):


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