I suffer from concussions. Is taking THC oil bad for the liver if I'm on SSRIs?

" I just finished reading an article from Dr. Olson about cannabis oil and ssri s
which I found interesting!
There was mention in there about
neurotransmitter instability. I would like to hear more about this if I could?
I suffer from concussions and live daily with the effects from that .The cannabis helps greatly with that . I do really wish that there was more research done as to why it helps so much. I can live a normal life with that.
Is a THC oil a bad idea to take with SSRIs being that the liver absorbs both?

thanks "

There is more and more information coming out about how CBD is a nuero transmittor protector. Some intial researech and anecdotal evidence seem to point to the fact the dosing with CBD will help with faster recovery from concussions. Here is an article on the topic below. The great thing about CBD is it is an analgesic, anti spamodic, anti anxiety and good for the neurotransmittors.



No the THC in cannabis should not be damaging to your liver. Concussions and brain trauma are serious matters. Cannabis seems to provide benefits to the injured brain. Many Athletes and brain injury survivors have shared personal success stories of how cannabis has been of benefit to them. Also many studies have shown positive results. The science behind cannabis is complicated and our understanding is still evolving. Protection from neuro-degeneration is one aspect of cannabis that has been studied. Cannabinoids prevent over-excitation in the nervous system by inhibiting pre-synaptic transmission in neurons. This is a unique quality of cannabinoids. The bottom line is that cannabis seems to be good for the injured brain, and as a very safe herbal medicine, the benefits outweigh the risks.


To answer your question about the liver and SSRI’s: The pharmaceuticals require your body to work extra to detox, break down, and process man-made materials. Cannabis will not make your liver worse, but these SSRI’s will. Instead, have you tried an herbal solution for anxiety and depression? Valerian root works on the same receptors as Xanax and also increases serotonin circulation like your anti-depressant. It’s a whole-plant solution, so your body only benefits from its use. Good luck with your health journey!


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