I have Parkinson's disease, and my tremors are not under control. Adding more carbadopa makes me crazy.

"I also suffer from chronic neck and back pain along with anxiety. I am not very mobile. I need a card and would like to know what to take to improve my life. "

Good Evening. As a person who suffers from Chronic back pain, social anxiety and who is also being a pain in the neck to my wife I can 100% relate.

Every patient is different and what works for one may not work for someone else. That being said I swear by the Jetty Pure CBD Cartridges.

The Jetty Pure CBD offer up a 2-1 CBD to THC ratio and has worked wonders for my back pain and social anxiety..... Unfortunately it hasn't helped me be less annoying to the wife.

The 2-1 ratio offers great pain relief and a mild but euphoric buzz.