How many calories?

"My yorkie is on a calorie-restricted diet to lose weight. I'm hoping these can help her separation anxiety, but I don't want to derail her diet."

This is from Treatibles.com : We recommend 1 small treat per 10 lbs of weight for animals up to 50lbs and 1 large treat per 25lbs of weight for animals 50lbs or more. However, every animal is so different physiologically; some need more, some less. Use our recommendation as a guide and then feel free to give more. You know your animal better than anyone.

I don't see caloric value on website, however the ingredients listed are quality additives to any dog's diet. Their products are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, whole foods, and certified organic in California. If you ask me that's better than some treats on the market that have no homeopathic treatment. Hope that answers your question!