How do you use a tincture?

"I purchased a high CBD cannabis tincture. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use it, can you help?"

Most often, you place the drops or spray under the tongue, and hold it there for a few minutes so it can be absorbed. Tinctures are formulated with some alcohol/ethanol, which helps the medicine to be absorbed, but can also cause a burning sensation so do not be surprised if that happens. Cannabis extracts in a tincture can be of different concentrations, so you will need to read the label or ask your dispensary staff to clarify how much CBD is in each drop, so that you know how many drops or sprays you should take. CBD lasts for a while, so most people take it twice or maybe 3 times a day.


Respira, our new multi-use hemp tincture, can be taken orally, topically or as a vape. A common serving size recommendation for tinctures is by dropper, under the tongue three times daily.


Another way I've had patients use the tincture dropper/ spray bottle is to spray some puffs or apply a dropper-ful to a hot mug of chamomile tea or something else soothing to drink without caffeine. Pt's have been able to titrate their dosage based on how much they're drinking and you don't get the not-so-great taste or burning sensation from the alcohol. I hope this helps!