How do I send you my cannabis recommendation so I may order the correct products?

Hello there! If I’m not mistaken, HelloMD does not engage in the sale of any cannabis products (I believe this is against the law). HelloMD is engaged in the process of helping pts obtain a medical cannabis recommendation if an MD examiner deems it useful and not potentially harmful. The website also has a number of links to a multitude of various vendors in the cannabis field (how the vendors are chosen is beyond my pay grade). To order from a delivery service, one just needs to do a search on the web to find those companies that deliver to your area. Another resource is the helpful Weedmaps app (I believe it’s free of charge) or even Yelp. I believe that these delivery services will be able to use the electronic recommendation sent via email from HelloMD but some may need to see the actual paper recc (for the first order) so call ahead to verify. I hope this helps!


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