Hi There,

"Ive been looking online for a store in Oregon which has a high THC content. One that I found with 75% THC and 7.5% CBD is in a vaporiser. Is that suitable to use for medical purposes either orally or as a suppository? I assume the liquid has other contents but not sure what. This is for cancer treatment and I’m not able to get it medically. I’ve found a pure high dose CBD oil but can’t find the same for high dose THC, similar to Rick Simpson Oil. I need to order it from Oregon and have it delivered also but it’s been a bit hard finding the best place. Any help would be appreciated. "

Hi there!

Here are a few links to dispensaries in Oregon that carry Rick Simpson Oil -

Emerald Compassion - http://www.emeraldcompassion.us/home.html

Five Zero Trees - http://fivezerotrees.com/blog/rick-simpson-oil/?age-verified=65aee87495#

Genesis Pharms - http://www.genesispharms.com/high-cbd-rso/

I hope this information helps! :-)