Had double bypass 1 year ago. Is it advisable to smoke cannabis, use a vaporizor or eat edables

Consider vaporizing, very small puffs so you are not irritating your throat causing a cough. Smoking puts particulate matter in your lungs and that's not advised and edibles in my opinion containing too much sugar, starch, artificial sweeteners or chemicals from prepackaged mixes, so for health reasons I tend to shy away from edibles but you may find them perfect. We have a lot of great information on our website that will help you make your decision so, please look through the videos and you will find one on why you might consider vaporizing your medicine. Also review the paper CBD 101, you can search for it in the chat room. I encourage you to 'get well with CBD' and to kick back and relax with the THC and you will find cannabis is safer than alcohol as well as most western pharmaceutical drugs given for pain or stress.