Dosing with ACDC (high CBD, 20:1) and a vape pen???

"I just got a vape pen and ACDC cartridge (20:1 CBD:THC), which I am using for joint pain and inflammation. I can't find any guidelines in terms of dosing...What do you suggest? I read on this site that someone used it two to three times per day but it doesn't say how many hits the person took on the vape pen, although I am assuming one or two. Please advise."

The reason you do not read about dosage is that dosage is incredibly individual with cannabis. The term 'low and slow' is used a lot and that means take some and wait and see how you feel and then possibly take more. The problem is is that my tolerance may or may not be anything like yours.

With ACDC there is no THC and if there is it is neglible. You won't get high, you may however get very very relaxed. I have a very low tolerance for cannabis and with my ACDC vape pen I have gone at it until I felt pain relief. Again, this is subjective as what gives me pain relief may not give you pain relief.

ACDC is a high CBD strain. My experience with CBD is that it takes awhile to build up in the system. I might suggest that you try a high CBD tincture and use that on a daily basis and try a vape pen that is CBD but with a small ratio of THC for ongoing pain. You can read this article to see what my experience has been.


I am not a doctor. This post represents my opinion and experience only. I hope this helps!