Dosage for 73-yr-old male seeking CBD for alleviating osteoarthritis pain

Being in pain as we age certainly is not great because it limits us from moving as much as we need to move to prevent other health problems like hypertension and plaque formation. If you are able to vaporize your medication that is the fastest way to know the benefits you will obtain from CBD in stopping your pain problems. AC/DC with THCA in a vaporizing pen works very fast.
Some people are against vaporizing because they it equate it with smoking, but it is not smoking. It is true that you do not want to take a large amount on an inhalation because too much can be a little irritating to the throat and nose as well as making you tired so take the smallest most effective dose, to start.
I also believe the topical salve is excellent for blocking pain for 4 to 6 hours at a time, it is not psychoactive so it may be applied liberally.
Another huge issue is to address vitamin D deficiency with your doctor.


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