does the scent of marijuana have any health benefits

I love this question! It certainly depends on what you deem to be health benefits, but the smell of marijuana is influenced by the terpenes within it.

It is basically like aromatherapy, and the terpenes are what is responsible for the piney or lemony smell, depending on the strain. Terpene oils are what gives the plant its intense aromatic bouquet. They are oils that are secreted from the same glands that produce cannabinoids and although not much is known about them they influence not only flavor and smell, but many believe the therapeutic benefits within medicinal marijuana.

Terpenes are not just in marijuana, you find the terpene limonene in lemons for instance, and this same terpene would be found in lemon essential oil. These strong oils are believed to influence mood in the same way that say lavander or eucalyptus oil might alter the way you feel when you inhale the scent.

The terpenes work in conjunction with cannabinoids and some believe it is the terpenes that make one strain feel different from another say when both have the same % of THC and both are sativa. In other words they influence the overall effect and to some what the perceived medicinal benefits might be.

I am not a doctor and this is based on my opinion, experience and/or research. I hope this helps!


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