Does marijuana affect cataract surgery?

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We have seen this question before as it comes up quite often! Below you can see the response posted by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Perry Solomon, who believes cannabis can help after cataract surgery, but smoking may not be the best route. You can see his Answer below:

"While it has been shown that cannabis can lower the pressure inside your eye, medications to lower the intra-ocular pressure has been shown to be far more effective with few if any side side effects. After cataract surgery surgery itself, there has been no research that shows cannabis can help or not with recovery. That said, there is the generalized anti-inflammatory effects that a high CBD strain can provide. However, if you decide to use cannabis I would avoid smoking or vaping since you want to avoid coughing, as well as the smoke that can get into your eyes and cause irritation. Tinctures, capsules or edibles would be the best route. You also should discuss this decision with your physician."

I hope this information helps