Does anyone know if there is a big difference in results when comparing smoking/vaping/dab/edibles?

  Hi There! Smoking/Vaping dry Herb is probably the same type of high  besides the fact that Vaping is healthier for your lungs than inhaling combustion from smoking. 
 For Dabbing, Wax contain about 60~80% THC since it's concentrated compared to 15~30% on dry Herbs depending on the quality you get! So a little bit of wax will be enough to get you the full as a joint or couple bowls of dry Herb.
  For Edibles it'll probably take about 30min to an hour for it to fully hit you since it's being digested. There is always risk of taking too much & getting too high with edibles so make sure to check ask the right amount of edible you should take if you're not sure! 

Hope this answers your question! Have a Wonderful Day!


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