CBD strains ate described here as non intoxicating but also as producing a high . So which is it ? Is there a pure enough CBD

"Is there a CBD strain of weed that can be smoked without a psycho-active element , yet be calming ? "

Hi there!
Ratios: In the vast majority of cases, ratios are expressed in Parts of CBD, to every Part of THC.
So, for example, 10:1 would indicate 10 parts of CBD to each part of THC; 2:1 would indicate 2 parts of CBD to each part of THC. So, the 2:1 strain/product would contain a higher proportion of THC than the 10:1 strain/product. Each cannabis strain has a general ratio range which is determined by the strain’s genetics.

Ratios of between 10:1 and 30:1 are rarely psychoactive, so this ratio-range would be a good choice for most when psychoactivity is to be avoided, such as during the daytime, or if the patient prefers to avoid any psychoactivity, or if THC did not provide therapeutic value for the condition.

Some very high CBD strains to consider:
ACDC – a 20:1 sativa strain
Ringo’s Gift – a 25:1 hybrid strain
Charlotte’s Web – a 30:1 sativa strains

Ratios of between 4:1 and 8:1 are considered mid-range ratios. In general, products in this range would cause mild psychoactivity, noticeable anxiety relief and a boosted mood, without feeling "high". 2:1 and 1:1 are considered balanced ratios. In general, this range provides the most pain relief and is the better choice for sleep issues. ++

Some CBD strains to consider:
Harlequin – a 5:2 sativa strain (one of my favorite strains to recommend)
Sweet and Sour Widow – a 1:1 indica strain
Pennywise – a 1:1 indica strain
Cannatonic – a 3:1 hybrid strain

I hope this helps!


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