Can you modify a CBDA:THCA tincture to make it CBD:TCH?

"I have bottles of CBDA and THCA tincture. They bother my throat. I also have other tinctures in various ratios of CBD to THC and they don’t bother my throat so it may be the acid. how can I mellow out the CBDA & THCA and change it to CBD & THC?"

Great question!
The way most people decarboxylate, or going from the acidic form to the active form, is to apply heat. This can be achieved very simply by cooking your tincture on a low to medium heat for at least fifteen minutes but no more than forty-five minutes on a stovetop or in a slow cooker. You can also leave the tinctures exposed to open air and this will allow a slow oxidation process to begin. This will take a considerable amount more time but less risk of losing any cannabinoids from cooking them off.
It is also good to be aware that some companies use ethanol as an extraction ingredient and this can cause burning in the mouth and esophagus due to high alcohol percentages.
I hope this helps!


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