Can vaping or smoking cause cancer like Ci?

While there is no link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer, "epidemiologic and/or clinical studies on the use of cannabis and cancer are few and not definitive." "Cannabis consumers who desire the rapid onset of action associated with inhalation but who are concerned about the potential harms of noxious smoke can dramatically cut down on their intake of carcinogenic compounds by engaging in vaporization rather than smoking...Because vaporization can deliver doses of cannabinoids while reducing the users intake of carcinogenic smoke, it is considered to be a preferred and likely safer method of cannabis administration than smoking marijuana cigarettes or inhaling from a water pipe. According to the findings of a recent clinical trial, use of the Volcano vaporizing device delivered set doses of THC to subjects in a reproducible manner while suppressing the intake of respiratory toxins." For more information on the topic; VapeXhale, Volcano and Pax sell excellent vaporizers.