Can CBD tinctures give you heart palpitations?

"I am using a 20:1 CBD to THC tincture. I experience heart palpitations afterwards. Are the two related? If so, what should I be using instead?"

Usually it is high THC that causes heart palpitations…hmmm…Did you potentially use an edible or a high THC product the day before or on the same day?


Same thing happened to me. I timed it out for two days now and 4 hours after taking a 10mg cbd gummy, I get them. I took them for a week prior to this occurrence with no issue. It just started happening. Take a few more days of on and off to see if the CBD is to blame.


Full specturm CBD makes me feel as if my heart is racing and pounding out of my chest. This, in turn, makes me feel anxious. It’s a terrible feeling and can occur even at the most relaxed moments of my day. I‘ve stopped taking it because it was making me feel as if I was having panic attacks.


I had the same issue when I tried it over the weekend. It did not contain THC and I don’t have a history of anxiety or heart issues–it was really scary.


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