Can cannabis oil be used to treat an ovarian cyst?

Wow, I have so many questions regarding your cyst because these can be very dangerous! Please, consider using the high CBD vape oil and the topical CBD dominant salve and you may even want to add an oral dose of CBD's bedtime. Most of the high CBD cannabis comes from one of three plants: AC/DC, Harlequin & Cannatonic, so if you look for one of these three you should be safe in that you're getting a high CBD.

CBD basically helps you be well and the THC makes you happy and high so the combination of the two is perfect, I think that's why I love AC/DC. It also helps to take a larger dose of CBD at bedtime and you will sleep well, waking refreshed.

You need to be well and you need to follow that ovarian cyst very closely because women do get ovarian cancer. One out of 75 women is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it is a very deadly disease and less it is diagnosed early before the cyst has broken open or spread.

There is a new study out that shows the CBD's doDelay the growth of cancers andThe CBD's 10 to keep the cancer confined.

I'm certain you don't have cancer or they would've already removed your ovary. In order to heal the ovary completely you must eliminate all sugar and high carbohydrate foods in your diet as well as the stress that causes you to recycle your estrogens.

Please follow up closely with your doctor because an ovarian cyst must be monitored closely until resolved and in the meantime you can use CBD to add a degree of protection. You may use THC also but you can use CBD when you can't be high. Please remember to always burn your CBD at a low temperature if you are vaporizing.

If you ever have brain chatter when you're trying to sleep you can always add a spray of 18:1 CBD under your tongue, to quiet your mind.

Dr Olson