Can cannabis help with chronic constipation?

Hello! Yes cannabis has the potential to help with chronic constipation. Constipation can be a symptom of another digestive or physical disorder, could be related to diet and activity level, possibly a side effect from medication like opioids, iron supplements or chronic laxative use, or even related to stress and anxiety. I always recommend examining your life and lifestyle to determine if there are other ways to improve your constipation naturally. Some common ways to help are: increasing your daily water intake, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, increasing fiber intake, decreasing use of unnecessary medications, decreasing excess meat, cheese, and fats in the diet, and exercising 30 minutes daily. Cannabis helps people with constipation. Once you’ve tried to help change some factors in your life to help yourself, you could try vaporizing cannabis or ingesting cannabis to see if it helps you too. Best of luck!


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