Daily Bonfire Creators

Invest time in creating content on our app, and we will invest in you and your success. We value our creators, and we want to reward them.
Budtenders, Brand Ambassadors, Health Advocates, Growers, Social Justice Warriors, people with point of view – we want you on our app.
Create content, build a following, grow your audience, all united by our shared love of the cannabis plant.

Here’s what creators get:

• Exclusive invites to events
• Meet influencers we work with
• Merchandise
• Early access to new features for feedback

Budtender Challenge

• Registered Budtenders get to compete in 'Budtender only' trivia shows for large cash prizes

How to register as a Budtender (two ways)

1. Apply below and give us details of your work as a Budtender or
2. Get invited as a current employee of a legal dispensary