Strawberry Banana

Bred for a high-trichome production, Strawberry Banana is a sweet-smelling marijuana strain that’s a popular choice for making concentrates and hash. Cannabis consumers enjoy Strawberry


A landrace strain from Thailand, Thai is likely the classic sativa, whose offspring includes the likes of Haze, Chemdawg and AK-47. Believed to be bred


Medical marijuana patients who manage to get their hands on some Trident flowers are in luck: This high-CBD cannabis strain typically has anywhere from 12–15%

Valentine X

Bred by Synergy Wellness in California, Valentine X is an offshoot of ACDC and boasts a 25:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Use this cannabis

Purple Urkle

A classic indica, Purple Urkle has been around the California cannabis scene since the 1980s. Use this cannabis strain to wind down at the end

God's Gift

With its powerful pain-fighting and mood-boosting abilities, some medical marijuana patients consider God’s Gift to truly be a blessing from a higher being. A cross

Sensi Star

Most common in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, Sensi Star is euphoric and body-melting. Use this marijuana strain when you’re looking for pain relief or

Red Congolese

Descended from the African, Mexican and Afghani landrace strains, Red Congolese is pure sativa. Pick this cannabis strain up if you’re trying to knock out

Big Bud

Known for its large, dense, trichome-laden flowers, Big Bud is a classic indica with knockout effects. Use this cannabis strain to find relief from pain,

Snoop's Dream

Though technically not endorsed by its namesake, Snoop’s Dream is very much like the image of well-loved, hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg. This affable, relaxed marijuana

The White

A mysterious, potent flower, The White boasts a thick, silvery coat of trichomes and a high THC content. If you’re looking to combine the best

Fire OG

With knockout physical and mental effects, Fire OG isn’t to be taken lightly. Euphoric and soothing, cannabis consumers can use Fire OG to take the

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