You have a great service and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to try MM, however.

by HelloMD

it did not work for me -- stomach upset and lots of muscle pain w/tincture. The balm, however, is working really well for swelling and pain.


Answer - Doctor Sharon Olson

Continue to use the balm since it is working for you. Did you obtain a tincture with alcohol extraction or medium chain triglycerides or some other extract? Maybe the way the cannabis was extracted could be the problem or it could be that you started with too much tincture. Did you hold the tincture under your tongue to allow it to absorb through your oral mucous membranes? An oral spray may work well and there are other methods of administration of your medication but do use a small dose to try if you try it again. Good luck and it would be nice to find out what does work for you if you try it again.