What is the right dosage for a small dog that has anxiety about car travel?

by HelloMD

I am going on a long drive and want to calm him down. He gets very fearful in the car and pants constantly.


Answer - CFO / Co-Founder of True Farma

Some of our collective members at True Farma have noted that for minor cases of anxiety, including car rides, small doses of of the 20:1 work well, so just a few drops should do it. However, if your dog is under 20 pounds, the small pet (15ml) 20:1 CBD:THC tincture would probably be your best bet. It has a lower amount of cannabinoids than the large pet tincture, which works better for small pets.

Small Pet (15ml) - 75mg total cannabinoids Large Pet (30ml) - 300mg total cannabinoids